lunes, 8 de junio de 2020



Shared by Blanca González: 

The activity is focussed on vocabulary about textures.

It is an adaptation of an activity I did with one of my classes before this stop. The goal is learning material’s names and the adjective defining the texture we can relate to it.

As nowadays we are working by Teams, I will give them two photographs made with Wordart:
1-  A cloud with adjectives.
2-  A balloon with materials.
They will have to match at least ten materials with 10 adjectives. To encourage them to take the words they don’t know I’ll give them a higher mark if they choose words that nobody else have.

Later they will make a collage with those materials on a heavy paper, (It could be with printed photographs or with real pieces)
They will have to upload a photo of their composition so everyone in their class can see it.

At last they must write a description of somebody else collage.

Perhaps if I have time enough, I’ll do a kahoot where the question will be an image and the options will be four adjectives or on the other way round.

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