lunes, 8 de junio de 2020


Shared by Blanca González: 

The objective of the activity I want to propose to my pupils is to create a story on images. The final work, depending on their possibilities, will be a comic or a stop motion short movie.

During this Easter holidays I asked them to read a comic, ‘Asterix in Spain’ as a way to introduce the next unit.

On first place we are going to analyse from page 5 to page 8. They have to summarize what happens as if it were a storyboard.

Afterwards I´ll explain the different types of shots in comic and in stop motion.

shots in comic:

shots in stop motion:

Next, they should classify the different frames that there are on the three previous pages analysed.

Then they must invent a story and make the storyboard.

Later, they will choose between a comic or a stop motion to carry out their creation, like these ones:

I’ll propose these applications they can use to create:

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